My dark blue marble effect worktop has heat rings and other scratches. I don’t want the expense of replacing it so I would appreciate some suggestions as to how I could repair it.

4 Responses to " Is there a way to restore a laminate kitchen worktop ? "

  1. **Victor**Meldrew** says:

    the honest answer is to replace it. heat rings will not come out of laminate,
    the only other way is to strip it off and recover it with another laminate sheet but this is hard work, messy and you will need to know what you are doing to do it correctly or you will end up with it looking worse than when you started with glue everywhere.

  2. mdlbldrmatt135 says:

    if it’s all got Square corners and isn;t “Post formed” meaning rounded front edge and a intergal Backsplash. I’d suggest snading it and installing new laminite right on top of the old.

    If it’s post formed install a new one. Laminate isn;t all that expensive.

  3. Mon says:

    Sorry ! Possibly there is no other way but to replace the marble. But first give a try to minimise it by cleaning. U can clean it properly by vim bar or powder with the help of a used scotch brite. Then think of replacement. I always keep my kitchen clean in this way. Good luck !

  4. boy boy says:

    there are many thing you could do ..tile it laminate flooring to it !….paint it then fix clear sheet plastic over top ..hardwood edge ..use your imagination